Full Service Design

Full Service Interior Design

I am a big believer in design as an exercise in enhancing the way real people live. Beauty, function, and ease are paramount to our client-centric philosophy: It’s not about me imposing my personal design signature on your lifestyle. Instead, I use my education and expertise to make your design goals come alive with an obsessive attention to aesthetic detail. Whether that’s a primary residence for an active and busy family, a vacation home on the sea, or some overdue updates to aging kitchens, laundry rooms, and baths, I can make the design and construction process fun, smooth, and efficient.

With an ability to see and explain the big picture, to guide clients through a complex process, and to deliver what we promise, My team ensures a high level of service.

With my knowledge and experience, HKC Spaces can design a home that speaks to your ideas, aesthetic, and personality – a home that stands up to real-life living and makes you happy. We deliver a ‘Boutique Experience’ with our commitment to our clients, to quality and to service – because we understand that your experience with us extends beyond the initial purchase or contract. We work with you from start to finish throughout your project, presenting you with the very best options for planning, designing, and purchasing.

Our Interior Design Process Includes:


The investment for a Full-Service Interior Design project consists of a flat design fee, which is based on the size and type of room(s), plus a furnishings budget.

I also offer special packages for  new construction homes, remodels, kitchen and bath renovations, which can be paired with complete interior design services. The special service is only available for clients who have a builder or contractor to manage the construction aspects of the project.

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Serving the Long Island Area –. (Out of area projects will be considered based upon schedule and scope of work; Travel and Expense fees will be added.)

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